The Grooms of God

by Juha

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    Juha's 'Grooms of God' is an album about society's outcasts. In it you'll encountered hanged men, male prostitutes, and man-eating tigers. You'll also learn some great dick rhymes!

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released January 1, 2008

Mixed variously by Christopher "Chops" Ingold and Demune
Mastered by Chris Hudec for Digital Sunspot

Cover photograph by Carissa Williams.



all rights reserved


Juha Hackney, UK

Juha began as a hip hop crew in Hawaii, and is now a sonic stewpot (or, "the sound of Prince and Manu Chao French kissing") brewing their tunes in the heart of Hackney. It's music for your mental health, yo! #JuhaSayMigration

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Track Name: Bloodball (intro)
(c. clay)

So what you come here for tonight?
Maybe you think you’re a star
but need to learn how to shine bright?
Yo, I know this girl who thinks she’s a working class hero.
But she’s such a snob about it, she might as well be Paris Hilton.
I ain’t goin out like a two-bit muthafucka.

We are gathered here tonight
to join these men with this God in holy matrimony….
You know this all sounds a little homo – a little homo, as in “one.”
You know this all sounds a little homo – as in whole, as in united.
The Ascension has begun.

Do take this man to be your divine lawful God?
Do you take this God to be your divine lawful man?
Did you even realize that his hand is your hand?
Did you even realize that you are the DNA of God?
Track Name: Four Black Dogs
Four Black Dogs
(c. clay)

All my ancestors - oh my god -
Were chemists who stirred me up, and now I got
Four black dogs with bloodballs for eyes
Pick on the bones of somebody your own size
Four black dogs and one in a veil
They’re coming with clubs under a moon so pale
Four black dogs and their ears shot back
Sent to inform you of what you lack

It was clear from the start I could not pimp & thug
And when I tried I was bathed in only my own blood
Every other word was a nerd come to life
And I never heard – never been heard
Up against my own knife

All the head doctors – I’d just try
To make ‘em feel like they doin their job good, I
Let my face slowly shine and declared I could feel
But outside their door –
Still love’s blood had congealed

It may be true I can’t be helped unless I wanna be
So make me want that - Make me

And all of these cells now confess:
Chemists who stirred me up… til my death
Four black dogs with bloodballs for eyes
Four black dogs – one birth fleas
One birth the lady bugs, one carry keys
Four black dogs got my back
Poised – for attack

They’re bringing fire into the fog
I make my way with four black dogs

If all the seeds I plant
Turn out to be plastic beads instead
At least I’ll have a pretty noose
To dig up and string around my head
And if that noose don’t hold my weight,
Every bone break with the fall
And if by then I’m still quivering meat
I feed my four black dogs

They’re bringing fire into the fog
I make my way with four black dogs
They’re bringing fire into the fog
Now I be the fire with four black dogs

All my ancestors - oh my god -
Were chemists who stirred me up, and now I got....
Track Name: Akhar Virgin
Akhar Virgin
(c. clay)

How much waiting can one man stand
before his nervous system splits
and swallows life on land?
Let’s just say that our love is strong
and my arms would fit you better
than that clothing you got on.
Inside the womb and under the sea
water churned from human greed and turned me
into God’s pet thief.
I made it with princesses and servants under trees,
picked pockets of the merchants cuz they weren’t crafty as me.
So why should it be the absence of guile in your eyes
has stolen a heart more expert than could
my meanest tricks & lies? Let’s go.

أنا في الحب معك. انت عمري. أنت متعب ، وأنا جائع.

How much waiting can one boy stand
before his body aches beyond his baba’s stretch of sand?
You been scolded long enough - so surely it is time
to bite the hand that feeds you wire
which wraps your heart in binds.
Interpretation of Qur’ans and Bibles
shift like shadows by positions of the mind so
as you drop down on your knees pray to the Holy Mother now
cuz you’ll have one thing less in common with her
by the time the sun comes out – let’s go
cuz I been thinking about ya all weekend.
Why’m I stuck with my left hand
When I should be up in my man?

Quit pounding on your forehead
and maybe your temperature
would stop burning you up & out
if you wasn’t a virgin anymore.

When he cums the juices fly
across the galaxy and make a splatter all across the sky.
Each shot make a glowing star
and scorching trails on which
they make their wishes… Akhar Virgin

أنا في الحب معك. انت عمري. أنت متعب ، وأنا جائع.

Now in the Paradise Garage
I’ve found the proper place.
You’ve spread your joy so widely but
your legs must match the pace.
We’ve used our mouths for words
but now they’re wanting to move on.
Lord knows the rooster crows unto
the breaka-breaka dawn.
Track Name: the Gargoyle
the gargoyle
(c. clay)

i’m on my knees for what you care about
hoping it exists in what you find across the city you’re punching in at a factory
and moving in a line towards those jewelry bits moving in a line

i’ll watch over, get there on time, i’ll watch over
the turning tide left you smiling and breathless
opening and closing worlds of men and you knew you had to run and turn your family to ghosts
before the tide would turn again now you’re gone - they pretend they don’t know why and they set aside your coffee cup as if they miss you now he’s running with the one
who’ll burn your pretty world down now he’s running with the pick-lock boys
with the alley-groping nightbirds now he’s running with the pick-lock boys
with the wenches and the wayward if you should find that a clean cut leaves no wound –
let your heart do its talk with your mind like so many, your new friend says “don’t forget where you came from” and doesn’t give a reason why no they never give a reason why
Track Name: PSA (a Public Service Announcement from Juha
PSA (a Pubic Service Announcement from Juha)
(c. clay)

My love is alive, my mind is quick,
I love pissing cuz I love touching my dick –
but I don’t like it when the piss dribbles down my leg.

Letters are not words til you arrange them.
When your boxers smell like piss, it’s time to change them.
When you’re at the urinal taking a leak,
don’t be shy to shake your dick out for awhile.
Sometimes we all wear our jeans for a week,
but don’t let yellow stains ruin your style.

My love is alive, my mind is quick,
I love pissing cuz I love touching my dick –
but I don’t like it when the piss dribbles down my leg.
Track Name: Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent (album version)
In Gwen's original, the chorus is: "You've got to have a J-O-B if you wanna be with me." Recast as a loner's voice from within a male prostitution circle, Juha has changed it to "We're gonna play it C.O.D if you wanna be with me" - Cash On Delivery. A few other Juha lyric additions:

"Preacher wanna save my soul
as I ease on down the road."

"I surely have enjoyed this form of being unemployed."

"Rich boys and hustlers both got Daddy -
One in the Porsche, and one in the paddy wagon."

"Rough diamond - rough trade."

Ain't nothin goin on but the Rent Boy.

"A little common cents."
Track Name: Dip Dip
Dip Dip
(c. clay; includes a portion of “let’s all chant,” written by m. zager)

My body, your body, every body, astral body…

You say I treat you like a dog, well I will not rectify -
so treat your puppy equal to the human kind
You say I look you up and down like you’re a piece of meat -
so put your face to the plate and peep the meat deep
Sunshine – I know you got many places to be,
but I sure do like it when you shine on me
so when you’re scopin’ for some admiration…
keep in mind: you got an open invitation
The spirit hides when you get too intellectual
You got no need to act so heterosexual
So 90210 - a jungle boogie bungalow
is where I rock and Reaper if you want me?
Come and take me, yo…

We know it’s automatic peace of mind
We know it’s gonna be tragic if you don’t shake your fat behind
Life is gonna be so nice when we return to light

Sunshine – I know you got many places to be
but I sure do like it when you shine on me
I’ll give you time before we go to take your bubble bath
but I won’t wait more than an hour and a half
I got so many blessings, I can’t count ‘em and
I only wear pants so I can stick my hands down ‘em and grope
I am the J/o J/o Boy and all of the rhymes that I employ
are to make the body and spirit one –
so let your mind fly free and get your fly undone

One day all I’m gonna wanna do is party
One day move/jump/jack my body
One day revolution done come
No more living on hope & crumb
No more living on hope & crumb –
See what’s on the collective tongue
They can lock you up but your spirit? Gets sprung

Well he looks good in clothes, but still I wanna shuck ‘em
He wins every argument because I always wanna fuck him
so come on hit that high note

We know it’s automatic peace of mind
We know it’s gonna be tragic
if you don’t hop to this conga line
We know this bus takes us past space and time
We know there’s gonna be no fuss cuz
my little baby girl already talks in rhymes

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi’s loved while he’s killing snakes
but when he eats the cabbage they start throwing garden stakes
His sticky dripping body oozing on the ground
cuz everybody bless the servant til the serpent ain’t around

I am the fine print in your holy book
You best be having re-translations

I believe the Devil loves God and God loves the Devil
and the sun’s the same flame that lights the infernal
that demon or angel’s just a question of casting
In the park we got hip hop and Yoko blasting

And all this satisfaction
that came when I reclaimed my passion… it grew
And I couldn’t get enough
Track Name: Paul In Swan Lake
Paul in Swan Lake
(tchaikovsky – c. clay)

all the little girls on the floor gonna learn
to dance from the man who kick & turn
& wink at his friend who always watch the class,
helps pick the groove & tight pants around his ass
on recital night all the parents gonna clap
& all the little girls gonna come & wrap
their arms around this man, this giver of grace
& wonder at the purple blotch growing on his face

paul i begin to sleep like a boxer
my fists hovering dumb over my head
you were hot to get into my torn up
18-year-old’s jeans my girl Sheila said
- i think she said it as a warning
i said “give him my number,” she gave it to you
& you called saying “meet me at fellini's at noon”
over coffee, thought to myself, “this must be love -
i believe! maybe he’s the one – paul.”

one summer rain we saw an art movie
we walked with stella & sendra and popcorn taste
i’d made out with riot boys on the state house lawn
- you'd never held hands with one at age 28
& how proud you looked to be holding mine
on this wet city sidewalk for the very first time
stella say “paul, guess we don't gotta pretend
to be lovers with our lover's lover turning round the bend
cuz there's a new generation & i think they strong
gonna teach us a new way & it's been a long time coming”
& paul, you smile

fey waiters getting sacked for serving swishy food…
these were days of “just round em up, put em on an island & nuke em”
our sheet jumped wild as sticky ghosts – it terrified the cat
“you know it’s gotta be love when yr fucked like that”

all the little kids in ghettoland
watch the white faggot with his tools in hand
he turn an old crack den into a picture book house
& you know what paul would say?
“i ain’t gonna rent to no breeders
let the muthafuckers sue me
let the law grow pale cuz it always worked against me
let it fly back in their face - ain’t no decency here
& no i ain’t gonna pay my taxes - i’m a muthafuckin queer”

paul i begin to sleep like a boxer
my fists hovering dumb over my head
one day I’ll be walking muscle & bone
- no trace of blood upon these streets I tread

one night you told me of a drag queen
you was with 8 years but never loved
you broke her heart, but she brought down the house
with “i will survive” at the boa club
her eyes never left yours through it
& you held her gaze
but my eyes were already on some
fool-but-suave closet case
& when i left you paul
i never did see your last dance
you & your little girls twirling
in piles of ash
paul – i heard it was sad

now all the little girls find an empty space
where they once met the man who taught them grace
there’s a “for rent” sign on the studio door
through the windows, see scratches on the sleek dance floor
& they’re feeling mighty bad, like “what did we do wrong?”
parents dwellin on limp wrists & and get the rumors on
& you know - you know - where swans go

sheila say: “ jojo i really need to talk to you”
we go to dunkin donuts with little baby darian
& as she change his diapers and i drink my coffee
i watch a quiver come up on her tongue:

Paul had a new boyfriend but it wasn’t the same
He was cold to the guy & said you was to blame
Which made me kinda mad, but he said you was the last
Bit of warmth bit of hope faith in love that he had
& that after you left he just gave up
Cursed love out & then he look so bleak
& then Paul disappeared, we lookin for days
Until this social worker comes around askin to speak…
Turns out Paul had AIDS, had it long time, I never knew
& something told me that he never told you
We thought he’d abandoned the apartment running from the tax man;
Our electric got shut of, so we’d said “Paul’s a prick”
I’d busted into his place & stole his stereo to sell it
Then his mom call & say he’d left cuz he got sick…
So yeah I put his stuff back & that’s the last that I heard
I guess he with his Ma somewhere in Western Mass
She’s a Pisces “Like Jojo was” he always say
& I feel so bad every time I pass his door.
You okay?

& when it comes to leaving planets. why wait?

paul i begin to sleep like a boxer
my fists hovering dumb over my head
one day i’ll be walking muscle & bone
- no trace of blood upon these streets i tread

Some queen calls saying, “Paul’s Dead. You okay?
Sheila’s Dead. Your Community’s Dead.”

i got you under my skin.
Track Name: Can The Bengal Bend All Day
Can The Bengal Bend All Day
(c. clay)

Can the Bengal bend all day?

In the mangrove
where people paint faces on the back of their heads
there is the one who still can not be misled.
Tenements and factories - it's feed.
He matches flashing tunnels
for he used to dress as trees.
All the sins known and unknown he store up in a box.
Your pretty face or pretty soul
matter not when he knocks.

Can the Bengal bend all day?

So we're careful not to crouch like any other primate -
though it has been said that we are an acquired taste.
In the mangrove, lock up your kids...
It's getting late.
Nike shoes, McDonald's food.
Some receive a paycheck, while one gets in a mood.
Mama should have told us to beware when we encroach.
It's not so distinct who is the poacher and the poached.

It's a complex situation:
Ripple in the swamp, panting tongue.
Complex nature meets metal beams -
uptown buzz, occasional screams.
A complex situation:
Ripple in the swamp, monkey tongue.
A complex situation.
Come play, come play, come play.

One day he'll be shot while in his mangrove groove.
His children they will cry - and then they'll make their move.

Can the Bengal bend all day?
Track Name: My Love Will Never Die
The original lyrics by Willie Dixon are joined by Juha's own, which are:

I'm really grateful for the slippers
and the plastic cup of pills.
Sockets with eyes inside - but no light -
just blink at the bills.
It's been expensive loving you,
but worth every dime.
It's been expensive loving you,
but worth every piece of my hide....
Track Name: Weasel (a begging brother in line)
Weasel (a begging brother in line)
(c. clay)

you popped your head up. weasel.
acid live wire. banging metal.
now i've been a mess, but found it unsightly
i took you...lightly. convinced that

it was just a match stick struck in my mind
i was just a begging brother in line
just an alarm to man the fort
just a fresh bruise to wait out
just an effect of the full moon
time better spent on a new tattoo
a way for a man to justify his drink

i believe confusion’s just a fear of feeling a desire
and time waits on my hands to open up and set mine free
somehow my blood wound up in that cauldron, caught your heart
one can’t see all the cards on the table in the dark

now you may be what i always wanted
but the situation - a one i never wanted
so fuck me
and i may be the sacred heart you crave
but the bible never told how jesus can enslave
in this situation
so fuck thee
i know we both got a bottle in our hand
and he’s more seductive than any man
but i greatly dig when he knock us out
and our fingers interlace in sleep
and when we clean it all be fine
like laundry on the clothing line
so swing with the breeze and take a wink at
that little bit of stain on the sheets

and if you think my love won’t shoot
sharp as an arrow right in to you
soft as a breeze on your sweet face…
breathe it into your lung now
and under some strange phase of moon
who popped up as your new tattoo
a way for a man to throw down his drink

i believe the future’s just a flower from my seed
and time waits on its knees for you to take some seed from me
baby when you gonna get home

thought it was a match stick struck in my mind
i was just a begging brother in line
just an alarm to man the fort
just a fresh bruise to wait out
and if you should think your love won’t do
the boy banging metal has gotten through
i love you
come on let’s get this thing on

i believe conclusion’s just gestation of new fire
and time waits on our blood to set these new stars free
honey won’t you come explode with me?
Track Name: Full Grown (Satyrn Returns)
Full Grown (Satyrn Returns)
(c. clay)

I’m no spring chicken, now I’m full-grown cock
Ran outta time so I smashed the clock
Thought by now I’d be a star in the sky, but oh my
Guess I ain’t that kinda guy yet

Something’s coming on the water
Something’s coming this way…

There are rings around Saturn and when Saturn returns
You can slip ‘em on your wrists, though it make a little burn
Now I think my red bracelets stack up
Still maybe now I need some back-up like a
Girlband - girl-group-bee-doop - I wanna girl band…
and now a boy band:
“Jojoboy you’ve made me crazy
I was straight now I’m your baby”

I am many moods and electrical surges
One of those dudes with violent urges
From which good manners thwarted proper purges
Now everything I felt good & bad people were is
Just obliterated, like fun-house glass -
And folks are cheerin’ on the dragon as he chasin’ down his cabbage
It’s just a blink, it’s age and age
So you can play the victim – but I can’t engage
A man gets tired of building his own cage
So I’d rather save the drama for when I’m on stage

An Overseer threw iron at Harriet’s head
Peeps wailing in the field thinking Harriet dead
But God climbed in her skull with a balm & said
“Honey, here’s a mission - time you led”
I’d like hip hop to keep expanding
Beyond braggadocio and bitch-branding
I got more to say than “Suck my dick”
(though if you get inspired, by all means…)

My style is no style – ask Bruce Lee
Do it transmediatively
Holler it from a jungle tree
Or do it in the mirror and maybe you’ll see how
God loves everyone but is partial to queer vegan hottie
Multi-racial anarchists… so ponder this:
My Blessed Body

So we do as Jesus do when oh so forsaken
When it’s just the residue of love that’s motivatin
Me now I just pray it’s enough
To take me to the next plane when my spirit drop its stuff
On down, down to the dirt below the ground…
Won’t weigh issues, won’t weigh a pound

They know not who we be.

I am: the bridge between ghetto and high falootin
Between Huey Lewis and Huey Newton
Almost outta time so we smash the clock
I’m no spring chicken now I’m full-grown cock
Track Name: Tetrodotoxin
(c. clay; includes an interpolation of the Romani traditional, “Ramona”)

your eyes are tired, baby
where is the light?

when the stigmata appeared in his hands
he fucked the holes & then jumped in the sand
of a golf course, honey – a country club mummy
& he knew he’d awaken still hard & bloody
…sort of angry, sitting in the corner…
& now baby:

i got knots on my backbone
i kick knots on the tree
there’s a knot in my neck-rope
& a crowd of nazis
(& a crowd of not-sees)
there is not a wailing woman
there is not a prayer
i usedta have breathing trouble
now I got not a care
& an old man say
that at the end of the day
some angel’s comin for
to carry me home singin:

“Your heart, your mind
– you threw it all away…
Your truth, your lies
- you threw it all away…
Your shame, your pride
- you threw it all away…
You threw it All.”

i ain’t alive no more

i used to have so much money
that i needed two wallets
then the kindness of strangers
came to break my fall
it was the wheel of fortune & i’d wanna get off
while some stranger bought my body
cuz i needed some dosh
yeah i had a dream & i had a goal
& only me was gonna be CEO of my soul
but after awhile the journey get old
& you find too many hurdles
keep your feet from the road

your eyes are tired, baby
where is the light?
it’s like a house that’s burned,
its kids returned
to live in search of flint.

i put a bomb in my belly, I was tired of time
with no blast after the tick

there is not a wailing woman
there is not a prayer
i usedta have a breathing habit
& now I do not even dare
i got knots on my backbone
I kick knots on the tree
there’s a knot in my neck-rope
do you wanna hang wit’ me?

some angel’s comin for
to carry me home singin:
“Your death, your life…
- you threw it all away.”

The one who accepts unjust violence
is slave to another’s greed.
And the one who’s born a rebel for freedom
knows not what to do in peace.
One side says accept - the other, reject -
This Is My Explanation
To The Friends I Couldn’t Keep.

so many friendships i couldn’t keep
but humiliation’s always been there for me
humiliation is disguised at night
but is always undressed
by the morning light

your eyes are tired, baby…
where is the light?
Track Name: Four Black Dub
Four Black Dub
(c. clay)

Never did I understand
What it is that make a man
And what make me the spoiled cake that monk & pirate both forsake

I be that chunk of meat boy
I be that beam of light
I be that rolling fog that pull the day out of the night

Hey girly girly girly what a strange brew to offer

Four black dogs rise to the occasion
One was called a black bitch, but
She had her ticket
She know where it take her
I think she going to fly away
…to and through me
One guard the fireplace of an old saloon
And its hair rub off on my daddy’s shirt
One was called Anubis
Who they could celebrate but not stop fearing
And Guy-trash… rattle me rattle me home

It don’t be so brave to fuck and die
It don’t be so brief to fucking die

They’re bringing fire into the fog…

And I am not what they say I am
I am not what they say I am
I am not what you say I am
I’ma tell you what you are
Track Name: We Become The Men We Hated
We Become the Men We Hated
(c. clay)

There’s a pyramid of power that’s explained to us as hope.
If we play by the rules we’ll climb its sides –
Or so the story goes.
To maintain our objective, our memory is selective.
And so: another year in the mill
And we, the willfully mentally ill….
It’s survival skill – without it why would we go on?

Here I go again – Saturday night,
Drunk in a crowd and itching to fight.
Looking for a loose mouth to misconstrue.
The soldier in the corner look like he’ll do.
And if the tables turn it don’t really matter,
We just need something to shatter tonight –
A little war between two pawns.
It’s just a habit. Impulse.
A habit. Cold.

We become the men we hated.
The ones who done frustrated up our minds.
We become the men we hated.
The faces that we ran from all our lives.

And when the water reach eye level:
Men are scum and men are dogs.
Men are good at rolling logs but
That man gush like a sissy.
Tell me about your fear of intimacy.
Man you best learn who is boss.
Pray to Jesus on a cross.
The preacher and the president
Tax on manhood til it’s spent.

Yo pop: My only proof that you got balls at all
Is that I am alive and came through you.
What I’m saying is: you should show some balls more often.
Take a tip from your son, take a stand for your son –
You might need the good it do you.
Life under your gaze was the most painful thing.
I’m glad I can’t see your eyes anymore.
The only thing - the thing that we -
Discussed was your disgust in me.
And you’d turn to ma sayin “But I try so hard…”
As I go running out the door.
Me & a broom & my sassy jaw bent against the kitchen sink.
And your “Why don’t you hit me back?”
I wish it was a Gandhi thing.

You can’t mistake a chisel for love.
You’ll never find the son you want
In the one you’re carving up.
And the forlorn face switches carriers with age.

We become the men we hated….

They say you are a useless boy – couldn’t hold you for ransom.
They say you’re an ugly boy though you hold yourself as handsome.
You & I are of the chosen to make a new line.
So get yourself standing like a Groom of God and tell the grapevine:

I am a gorgeous specimen of masculinity
I am a magnet for Divine prosperity
I am a sex god, I am God’s love
My joyful body – a holy rocket.
My higher moves are Ninja, my mind Samurai
And when you need and ear or shoulder, honey I am the guy
I am a new force of nature – the missing element
I am the very answer to the prayers I sent
I am the solid provider and the provided for
I am the monk, the seedy man, shell and the core
I am the drawn boundary of the open heart
I am my final word and I am the start
Track Name: You May Now Kiss God
You May Now Kiss God
(c. clay)

Here come the grooms, here paradise looms
Here come the grooms wearing God’s new perfume
Here they come – Now say “I do”
Hallelujah – God says, “What studs!”
In sickness and in health and even death
Shall not part us.
You may now kiss God.
Do it with tongue.
Make a little baby.